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FASTLINE™ Body Fillers

FASTLINE™ features a complete line of easy to apply body fillers and finishing glazes covering all situations on all types of vehicles. Labor time and repair costs are reduced by eliminating the need for expensive replacement panels. And like all Fastline™ products, our body fillers and glazes are designed to meet performance quality expectations at a desirable price.

FAST GOLD™ features a smooth creamy consistency that provides the best adhesion on the newest metals and many composites on late model vehicles. It has outstanding shape-sanding properties leaving minimal texture to reduce the amount of finishing glaze needed. F-GRIP™ leaves less texture after sanding and is ideal for repairing older vehicle or commercial fleets. It has good adhesion to pre-painted substrates. FAST LIGHT™ is ideal for use in commercial applications. FAST GLASS™ is reinforced with short strands of fiberglass to create hard durable substrate. For areas needing larger fill and small rust spots that require bridging to fill, FAST GLASS is the answer. It's also ideal for repairing holes and fiberglass. FAST FLO GLAZE™ is flowable for excellent leveling and FAST GLAZE™ is ideal for sag resistance when used on vertical surfaces.