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FASTLINE Plastic Covers & Sheeting

The Fastline™ High-Density, Corona-Treated Plastic Sheeting is a must for today's collision shop to protect large parts and other vehicles from overspray. The corona-treated plastic ensures overspray adhesion - preventing flaking or releasing of overspray- and the electrostatic cling and centered print logo allows for easy and correct positioning of plastic. Available in a variety of sizes to suit your specific needs, this sheeting also features an easy open fold pattern for one man masking.

The Plastic Masking Covers from Fastline™ are designed to stay in place and provide full coverage of every vehicle component to protect from dust, grease, grime and overspray - from Full Car Covers (MP90920, MP90921) to Tires (MP90910, MP90911) to Steering Wheels (MP994336) and Seats (MP90915, MP994314).