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RedCat Racing Remote controlled cars and trucks

Established in 2005, Redcat Racing has become the premier name for Fast- Affordable - Fun ready to run, gas, nitro and electric powered remote controlled surface vehicles. All Redcat Racing vehicles come fully assembled and ready to run right out of the box making it simple for anyone to get started in the R/C hobby. Redcat Racing has a complete line of parts and accessories as well as a wide selection of vehicle sizes ranging from 1/24 scale to 1/5 scale, ensuring that there is a Fast-Affordable-Fun vehicle for everyone.

Fast | Affordable | Fun - RC Surface Vehicles for every level of RC enthusiast. To that end we offer RC surface vehicles under three distinct brands (Team Redcat, Redcat and Danchee) and RC accessories under the Hexfly brand name.

Team Redcat is our high-end brand of premium RC vehicles, geared towards more experienced drivers.

Redcat Racing is our entry and mid-level brand of quality RC vehicles.

Danchee is our toy grade brand of RC vehicles.

Hexfly is our parts and accessories brand.