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Glamour Clear coat Kit AutoBahn (AC-9044 W/ AH-6480) Auto body shop restoration car paint supplies

  • 17500

AC-9044 4+1 Clear is a water white, high quality clearcoat designed for larger repairs and complete refinishing over most aftermarket basecoat systems.

  •  AC9044 dries fast and retains high gloss and DOI.
  • AC9044 provides excellent durability and is resistant to environmental conditions such as sunlight and acid rain.
  • AC9044 can be buffed to match the original finish after 5-14 hours air dry and can be buffed for several days. (AH-6470, AH-6480, or AH-6490) hardeners,
  • AC-9044 can be applied in a variety of shop temperatures and humidity conditions.
  • A 4:1 version of our popular AC9045 2+1 Glamour Clear.
  • The new favorite clear of discriminating painters for its ease to work with and the finish it provides.
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