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Mandarin Pearl Kirker’s ULTRA-GLO restoration car paint supplies

Mandarin Pearl Kirker’s ULTRA-GLO automotive restoration auto paint supplies

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ULTRA-GLO single-stage urethane offers a premium-quality finish at minimal cost.  This high-gloss, ultra durable paint is designed for automotive and fleet refinishing when a top-of-the-line finish is desired. is an advanced topcoat system that provides a high degree of UV protection to help keep vehicles looking glossy and deep in color for years.

Can be used in single-stage applications, or in combination with a urethane clearcoat for added durability.  Using ULTRA-LOCK Metallic Control Additive/Base Converter helps improve sprayability and ease-of-use, thanks to Anti-Mottle Technology that stabilizes metallics and pearls, locking them in place for an even, streak-free finish.  Always refer to Technical Data Sheet for more complete information as well as mixing and application directions.


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